Vishuo Biomedical is a Singapore-based company dedicated to establishing precision medicine platform for diagnosis and treatment of various life-threatening diseases. Powered by a dedicated team of IVD lab scientists, bioinformaticians, scientific curators and software developers, we provide IVD products and deliver high quality omics data analysis and clinical interpretation platform for clinical doctors making decisions.

Vishuo provides a solution powered by three key products, the iCMDB® knowledgebase, Origo™ precision oncology platform and Clair™ PGx platform (POC device+ kits). The iCMDB has been applied to multiple first-tier hospitals in China, Thailand, Singapore and USA. iCMDB is certified by ISO13485:2016, and approved as a medical device by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Scientific mechanisms of these variants/alterations and clinical interpretations of disease association, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and drug response are obtained from global databases and literature and stored in a relationship database to allow computerized organization and knowledge retrieval. All evidence is accompanied with EBM evidence level. Treatment options (approved/investigational) and best practice guidelines have been integrated to facilitate patient stratification. Origo™, the precision medicine platform for NGS-based molecular oncology diagnosis, provides automated QC, analysis, informative data visualization, variant assessment and integrative lab reporting functions.

With a seamless integration together with the LIMS system, the laboratory could minimize steps to create patient profiles and test requests. Automatic data syncing and batch processing functions streamline the laboratory’s workflow. With the supplement of iCMDB® knowledgebase, pathologists or medical scientist can quickly populate the clinical report by extracting annotation from the knowledgebase and adding their own interpretation and summary of the case. Clinical trial matching is powered by intelligent condition and molecular marker matching and refined by manual filtration.

Vishuo Biomedical offers a comprehensive portfolio and customized solution for clinical genomics research at a competitive price to enable institutions to control their data locally and treat their patients efficiently with personalized medicine. Since 2012, our products and solutions have been implemented for more than 100 clinical diagnostic and research labs in Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and China.


To bridge IVD big data and personalized medical care to improve patient outcome and quality of life.


PRECISION: guarantee the credibility of our analysis

INTEGRITY: protect confidential information

ACCOUNTABILITY: responsibility to our stakeholders