We advocate for Evidence-Based Precision Medicine. Evidence-based medicine emphasizes the use of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted researches to facilitate decision making, which has proven to be effective and economic on population and healthcare system levels. With the groundbreaking high-throughput technologies and the explosive increase of omics data, this era is calling for a paradigm shift from evidence-based medicine to data-driven precision medicine. We believe that the principle of evidence-based medicine is valuable to facilitate the shift in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. It could allow clinicians navigate through complex scientific and clinical data and prioritize management of disease and therapies.

At Vishuo, we tackle two main barriers of precision medicine implementation: (1) data curation and (2) decision support. Clinically useful scientific and medical knowledge are aggregated, harmonized, and integrated in structured knowledgebase through data mining and expert manual curation. Clinical grade analysis methods are utilized to interpret the omics data and match with clinical actionable information. Software platforms are developed to facilitate clinical reporting, workflow management and system integration.