The iCMDB knowledge base curates biomarkers and their association to disease and drug response.

  • Solid cancers: NSCLC, CRC, Breast, Gastric, GIST, Melanoma, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Prostate, Head and Neck
  • Liquid cancers: MDS/MPN, AML, ALL, CML, CLL, Hodgkin’s lymphomas, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
  • Comprehensive coverage of genomic variants as well as gene and protein expression alterations.
  • Scientific mechanism and clinical interpretation of association with disease diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and drug response.
  • Integration with public database to allow user-led investigation of variants.
  • EBM evidence classification to support confident decision making.
  • Full collection of FDA approved and investigational treatment.
  • Clinical trials matching with automatic search and manual filtration.
  • Concordance with HGVS nomenclature and clinical guidelines.
  • Standalone database accessible through API.