07 Jun 2016


Singapore – June 7, 2016 – Vishuo and Ronghua Group Singapore signs project agreement to develop diabetes big data platform.

Under the agreement, Vishuo will construct database to provide quantifiable molecular biomarkers and build artificial intelligent models to provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive disease management plans for diabetic patients. Vishuo will design and build database suitable for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition, exercise and psychology, and Ronghua will provide knowledge and data accordingly. The project is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2017. The database will be shared by both parties.

Diabetes affects a striking 8.6% of the population in Singapore, with over 400,000 patients. Some organizations even estimate the percentage could be as high as 12.8%. The number of diabetic patients is projected to reach 600,000 by 2030. Contrary to the extremely high prevalence, one in three patients is not aware of the disease. Furthermore, among the patients who have been diagnosed, about 30% has poor blood sugar level control. Without diagnosis or proper management, diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and amputations. About four Singaporeans lose a limb or appendage every day due to complications from diabetes. Costing more than $1 billion annually (10% of total healthcare spending), diabetes has become one of the biggest drains for Singapore’s healthcare system. A recent study published on BMC Public Health predicts that the cost will soar beyond $2.5 billion by 2050, and the effect to the nation’s workforce productivity is imponderable due to earlier onset of the disease affecting working adults. This year, in recognition of the issue, the Ministry of Health has declared war on diabetes to 1) prevent diabetes by promoting healthy lifestyle and reducing childhood and early adulthood obesity, 2) strengthen early screening and intervention, as well as 3) support better disease management to slow disease progression and reduce complications.

About Ronghua Group Singapore

Ronghua Health Recovery Centre was founded by Ronghua Group Singapore with a mission to help the nation to prevent and better manage diabetes. They tackle the disease with six core tactic approaches: raise awareness and deliver professional knowledge, provide nutritional and dietary advice, customize exercise regime, screen for early diagnosis and monitor for optimum disease management, integrate western and TCM, and offer Meridian Therapy by professional physicians and at point-of-care. Studies have identified numerous genes associated to increased risk of diabetes. By employing genetic testing to identify individuals at high risk for diabetes, precise lifestyle management could be implemented to prevent disease formation. On the other hand, TCM has also been treating diabetes with medications customized to individual’s symptoms for two thousands years. This project aims to build a structured database to curate thousands of years knowledge and experience from TCM and develop artificial intelligence models with in.

About Vishuo Biomedical

Vishuo Biomedical Pte Ltd is a Singapore based healthcare technology company formed in 2011, dedicated to provide precision medicine for prognosis, diagnosis and treatment. Our vision is to organize and analyse world’s pathological big data and optimize treatment for clinicians and patients.
Our core product, iCMDBTM, advances customized analysis of diseases on molecular level tailored to clinicians in conducting personalized treatment based on patient’s genetic and pathology profiles. To date, there are more than 200 diseases, 750 treatments and 1200 biomarkers in the datasets, all datasets are constantly reviewed and validated by experts in life sciences and medical consultants. To ensure good management of patient data, we protect and encrypt confidential personal information by deploying on-site server installed with iCMDB? platform and customize analysis pipelines to generate automated data quality reports and clinical annotation reports for supporting clinical decision-making.